Sunday, August 26, 2012

FIRST POST (one one one?)

This will, once I get off my butt (And used to Blogger's peculiar system?) be a brainstorming blog for a Flailsnails campaign set primarily in Vesh, with possible excursions to Glyshar, the Democratic Republic of Northreach, The Underground, Myshtan (and its famed capitol, Belagael), and environs beyond.

To give a taste...

From here, the rooftop spire of the Bella Note, you can finally see the whole sky. There it is: perfectly linear delineations, a sky split and divided into many sections, each color, each difference marking a different Holding. There's the deep blue night sky of Tir Na Nog, the fiery red of the City of Brass, the perfect blue of Bella Note above your head, the perpetual sunset of Tropicalia, and more and more off into the distance, each place projecting its own eerie, alien sky.

Your A.O. unit bleeps. Ten minutes. You need to break into Bella Note headquarters, drain the paintings, and get out before you're caught. Being caught means a turf war. And turf wars are bad for business.

But, well, for business? You're the best. Time to get to work...

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